Product Details
IR-686 : Infrared Stereo Headphones
Short Description
- Operates up to 7meter from Transmitter
- Auto Level Control (ALC)
- Auto mute function
- Volume control
- Thick padded earpieces for superior comfort and sound isolation
- Adjustable headband provides comfort for hours of listening pleasure
Product Details


Speaker Unit: 40mm Cobalt Magnet

Impedance: 32 ohm+/- 10%

Transmission Mode: IR(850nm)

Carrier Frequency: 2.3 MHz (R)

Power Supply: Transmitter: 12 V DC, 500 mA(AC/DC adaptor) / Headphone: 3V (2xAAA Battery)

Effective range: up to 7 meters

Auto Level Control: Standard

Battery Charger: Optional

Auto Power Off: Optional

Mute Function: Optional


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