Foshan Shunde Cobalt Electronics Co. Ltd.
Address: Weiyie Road #6, Economic & Industrial Zone, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong  Province
Tel: 0757-26661173
Factory Mapsite:
ROUTE A  :  From “Shenzhen” to “Shunde” Cobalt Factory by TRAIN     
Step 1 : From “Shenzhen - Ro Hu(Lowu )” Train Station take the train to “Guangzhou East”
Train Station
Schedule : every 6 mins
travel time : around 1 hr
Fare : RMB$80.00 (Economy Class), RMB$100.00 (First Class)
Step 2 : Follow the signpost for the direction from “Guangzhou East” Train Station
to “Guangzhou East” Metro Station (5 mins walk), then take Subway Line 1 to
“Xilang” Station.   
Schedule : every 3 mins
Lead time : around 1 hr
Fare : RMB$5.00
Step 3 : “Xilang” Metro Station take taxi to Cobalt Factory
Lead Time : around 30 mins
Fare : around RMB$85.00
ROUTE B  :  From “Hong Kong” to “Shunde” Cobalt Factory by FERRY   
Step 1 : From “China Ferry Terminal” at Tsim Sha Tsui take Ferry to “Shunde” Ferry Pier
Lead time : 2 hrs
Fare : HKD$228.00 (Economy Class), HKD$258.00 (First Class)
Step 2 : “Shunde” Terminal take taxi to Cobalt Factory
Fare : around RMB$70.00
Lead time : around 30 mins
Remarks:Frequencies,schedules,travel time& fares are provided for reference only & are subject to change by the operator without prior notice

Location of HK office

Headquarters Office in HK
Headquarters Office in HK
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